Pres. Spokesperson Panelo: Pres. Duterte’s White Wristband Symbol Of Peace, Not Medical Plaster

Pres. Spokesperson Panelo: “No, it’s not a medical plaster. Eh parang ano iyan, parang kay Erap, iyong mga wristband. Hindi ba si Erap mayroong white.”

Pres. Duterte Inaugurates Sangley Airport Project

The airport, previously known as the Danilo Atienza Air Base, was used by the Philippine Air Force.

Pres. Duterte To Review Taiwan Appeal To Lift Travel Ban

In a media interview, Pres. Spokesperson Panelo acknowledged the concern of the Taiwanese government especially since no other country in Asia has issued a travel ban on Taiwan.

Pres. Duterte Tells Emergency Drivers To ‘Use Siren, Drive Normally’

President Rodrigo Duterte led the turnover of 74 new fire trucks to local government units,.

Pres. Duterte’s Decision To Scrap VFA Remains ‘Unchanged’

Pres. Duterte is still firm in his decision to terminate the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the Philippines and the United States, Malacañang said.

Pres. Duterte: Trump Trying To Save VFA

US President Donald Trump is “trying to save” the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the.

Pres. Duterte Open To Meeting Rio Over DICT Confidential Fund

CABINET SEC. NOGRALES: “The President is open to meeting anybody. He always said that if anybody has a complaint, Malacañang is always open to anybody who has grievances.”

Pres. Duterte Orders Development Of Mile Long Property

PRRD orders the development of two-hectare Mile Long property in Makati City to enable the government to generate more revenues for priority programs.

Pres. Duterte Still Trusts Duque Despite Solons’ Criticisms Over nCoV

NOGRALES: “Let’s not take away all of the other efforts that the DOH family is doing. Let’s not take that away from them. Mahirap ang trabaho na ginagawa ng mga health workers natin.”

Pres. Duterte: Gov’t Not Withholding Info On nCoV

Rumors that the Department of Health (DOH) is withholding information on the true state of.