Dr. Medeldorf Gaoat Is Ilocos Norte’s Senior Board Member

Dr. Medeldorf Gaoat, a resident doctor at the privately-owned Gaoat Hospital in Batac City, is now a senior board member of Ilocos Norte.

Record shows that Gaoat received 76,045 votes in his district, the highest obtained by a candidate for board member in the entire province in Monday’s midterm polls.

He was ranked number one by the provincial Commission on Elections (Comelec) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) here.

In a media interview after their proclamation on Tuesday, he said “I never expected to become the senior board member. I am so much grateful for the overwhelming support.”

Gaoat recalled that when he was city councilor of Batac, he was interested to push for local legislations related to health and sanitation, as well as education.

Gaoat swapped position with his brother, outgoing provincial board member Dr. Ramon Gaoat, who also won as city councilor of Batac.

Residents who knew the Gaoat brothers describe them as low profile individuals, helpful, and honest public servants.

Other proclaimed Board Members in the first and second districts of Ilocos Norte are: Rodolfo Christian Farinas III, Franklin Dante Respicio, Saul Lazo, Portia Salenda, Donald Nicolas, Domingo Ambrocio Jr., Da Vinci Crisostomo, James Paul Nalupta, and Aladine Santos. (PNA)

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