Saturday, November 27, 2021

Florin Hilbay Quits Aksyon Demokratiko, Bonds Robredo’s Presidential Bid


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Ex-Solicitor General Florin Hilbay resigned from the Isko-led party Aksyon Demokratiko, and openly announced his support for Vice President Leni Robredo’s vie for presidency through a social media post, today, October 18.

Hilbay wrote in his resignation letter that he resigned from Aksyon Demokratiko “out of ethical considerations” and that he would not join another party. “I respect the decision of my party to choose Mayor Isko Moreno as a candidate for president, but [I] also believe that VP Leni is a much better candidate in this most crucial of elections,” Hilbay added.

In addition, Hilbay stressed that the country needs a president “who will confront problems not with publicity stunts to manipulate Filipinos but with honest-to-goodness attempts at solutions,” in reference to Robredo. “We can’t afford another narcissistic, gaslighting troll for a president.”

“We need a president who will show up, level with the people, and treat them not as subjects to be subjugated but as fellow citizens and stakeholders in nation-building. We need a leader who will empower Filipinos, not kill them,” Hilbay wrote in his letter.

He even stated that Robredo had been more presidential than the current president, helping and working with a limited budget, amidst all the disrespect and propaganda against her. He noted, “[Leni Robredo] is a president who understands why the Marcoses are a current threat; she will hold Duterte and his cronies accountable for their crimes; she will stand up to China and not see the West Philippine Sea as merely for sale. She will continue to be honest, open-minded, transparent, and one with the citizens. She will respect her office and the Constitution.”

Hilbay ran under Aksyon Demokratiko in his senatorial race in 2019 under the “Otso Diretso” slate, where he ranked 29th and lost.

Isko Moreno is Aksyon Demokratiko’s standard-bearer for next year’s national elections, meanwhile, Leni Robredo is running independently.

Photo credit: Facebook/PiloHilbay

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