Lacson Urges Public, Respect Voice Of Majority

Senator Panfilo Lacson on Tuesday urged Filipinos to respect the voice of the majority as results of the 2019 mid-term elections began to emerge.

In a statement, Lacson also reminded the public to remain vigilant and keep an eye on the new public “servants”.

“When the dust has finally settled and all the winners have been officially proclaimed, let us bear in mind that we are all Filipinos who love democracy, no matter the flaws and weaknesses,” he said.

“What is important is that we respect the voice of the majority but without abandoning our responsibility to continue our vigilance against abuses and wrongdoings of those given the mandate to serve. Remember, we may not be their masters, but definitely, they are our servants,” he added.

A total of 18,072 national and local positions are at stake in the just-concluded mid-term polls.

Of the number, voters will be electing 12 senators and 61 seats for party-list organizations.

For local polls, registered voters in the country will be selecting 245 members of the House of Representatives, 81 governors and vice governors, and 780 members of Provincial Board.

Filipinos will also be voting for 145 city mayors and vice mayors; 1,628 city councilors; 1,489 municipal mayors and vice mayors; and 11,916 municipal councilors.

The 2019 mid-term election was the fourth time that the country held an automated poll nationwide. The first one was during the 2010 presidential polls, the 2013 mid-term election was the second, and the last was during the 2016 presidential polls. (PNA)