Sen. Leila De Lima To Sara Duterte: “Di Uubra Sakin Ang Mga Palusot Mo”

“Hindi uubra sakin ang mga palusot mo,” states detained Senator Leila De Lima to Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte this last Tuesday in their continuing argument about the Mayor’s act of defending trapos (traditional politicians) and misfits.

Leila De Lima told Sara Duterte to use her platform for the betterment of the country. The Senator clearly does not approve of the Mayor’s choice of candidates to support for the elections and also pointed out the Mayor’s excuses or acts of bending the rules or words on the accusations that say her supported candidates are dishonest:

“Ever since it is talked about that most of the candidates you are campaigning for are dishonest, puro pagpapalusot na lang ang ginawa mo. There is no need to play semantics with me. Your words may sway the weak-willed and the uninformed, but they don’t affect me. I’m neither weak-willed nor uninformed. Hindi uubra sa akin ang mga palusot mo,” she claims.

One of Mayor Sara’s responses to the claims that the candidates she supports are dishonest is her telling that the public office is a public trust so anyone who seeks it must have honesty and integrity with candidates included.

But Leila De Lima’s response to this was: “What kind of idiot would think that a dishonest candidate will be an honest public official?”

Although their argument seems intense, De Lima says that she has nothing personal against Duterte and delivered the statement:

“I can only imagine what you had to endure as your father’s daughter. I only speak as someone who loves her country. You are young and you have your life still ahead of you. You are given this platform by your father to say anything you want in a national scope without accountability.”

De Lima wanted Duterte to know that these politicians are trying to use her for their own good. They are fighting for her assistance, her help, because of the power that she has, not because they side with her in this advocacy that she is promoting.

“If I may give you an unsolicited advice, do not fool yourself. The spotlight and lavish attention is not for you, it is for your father. And the politicians you surround yourself with are not there because they believe in your vision. They’re there because they want to use you,” De Lima said closing her statement.

Photo Credit: Leila De Lima’s Official Facebook Page

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