Sunday, October 24, 2021

Neri Colmenares To Run As Senator For The Third Time


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After failing twice to secure a seat in the Senate, Former Bayan-Muna party-list Representative Neri Colmenares decided to vie for the elusive senatorial spot for the third time. 

After falling short in the 2019 midterm elections where he ranked 24th and the 2016 national election, Colmenares announced the confirmation of his third bid via an interview yesterday. He even announced his candidacy in a Twitter post, stating, “Totoo po ang balita. I will be running for senator in 2022.” 

The human rights lawyer and activist is the latest political bet added to the roster of aspiring Senators.  It is now the lawyer’s third attempt to seek the position, after falling short in the 2019 midterm election where he ranked 24th. He also vied for the same position in 2016.

Colmenares is known to be one of the most outspoken critics of Duterte and his administration. As a member of the Makabayan group, he has become one of the targets of Duterte’s slamming, as well as being red-tagged. “Duterte was not the Messiah he pretended to be,” Colmenares pointed out that Duterte divided the poor and made the other half believe that he is great. 

As an advocate of human rights, Colmenares stands firm to expose all the lies of the President, and legally represent the families of victims of extrajudicial killings in the government’s drug war.

Colmenares has not yet released his official agenda but hinted that his platform includes regularization of contractual workers, a P1,000 aid for senior citizens, agrarian reform for farmers, right over the West Philippine Sea, and youth concerns.

Photo Credit: Facebook/ColmenaresPH

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