Rep. Joey Salceda Filed A 2-Day Calamity Leave Bill

A bill seeking to grant a two-day special emergency leave for all workers in the public and private sector directly affected by natural calamities has been filed at the House of Representatives.

Albay Rep. Joey Salceda filed on December 10 House Bill 5775, otherwise known as the proposed “Calamity Leave Law.”

A copy of the bill was sent to the media on Monday.

Salceda said the bill aims not only to provide help to Filipinos before and after a calamity, but also provide them few days of interval to facilitate the recovery, relief, and a chance to rebuild their homes from the ground up and take care of their families.

Under the bill, every employee who has rendered at least six months of service shall be entitled to a two-day special emergency leave each year, with pay, in times of natural calamities or disasters.

“This is to give them the time to recharge and have their daily activities planned so they can move forward after facing the harsh reality of calamities,” Salceda said.

The leave shall be made available upon the declaration of calamity by the President of the Philippines or by any local legislative council.

However, in case of a specific area was not declared under a state of calamity but was nonetheless severely affected by the natural calamity or disaster, the head of the office or employer in his or her own sound discretion may grant the special emergency leave to affected employees based on proof presented or news account.

Any qualified employee may avail of this special emergency leave on the grounds of: being stranded in affected areas where there are no means of transportation that can ensure a safe travel to and from work; disease or illness of employee incurred by reason of the natural calamity or disaster; caring of immediate family members affected by natural calamity or disaster, and urgent repair and clean-up of damaged house.

Unused special emergency leaves shall not be cumulative and may not be converted into cash equivalent. (PNA)