Sunday, October 24, 2021

Robes Pushes For Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination


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San Juan City Del Monte, Bulacan Rep. Florida Robes filed House Bill No. 10249, entitled “An Act Providing for Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine for All Filipino Citizens Eligible to Receive the Vaccine and Appropriating Funds,” which mandates Filipinos to receive COVID-19 vaccination, especially those who are eligible to receive the said vaccine. 

Under the bill, the government will shoulder funds used in acquiring COVID-19 vaccines while private companies will be allowed to procure vaccines for their employees as long as they are free. 

Robes cited the World Health Organization’s (WHO) study that vaccines are the primary protection against COVID-19. She pointed out that it is a moral obligation to implement mandatory vaccination for the sake of public health and safety. 

Moreover, the lawmaker also said that the mandatory vaccination program also applies to infants and children. “We have Republic Act 10152, which is an act providing for the mandatory basic immunization services for infants and children, and Republic Act 7846, which requires compulsory immunization against Hepatitis-B for infants and children below eight (8) years old.” Robes expressed. 

But her bill also provides exemption for persons with conflicting religions or a medical condition officially certified by a registered physician. The bill also indicated an anti-discriminatory clause that prohibits discrimination against those who refused to get vaccinated. 

Robes also said that fully vaccinated people would be given a vaccine pass as access for public tourism resorts, accommodation, assembly, or amusement centers. She added that those who did not have valid reasons to get vaccinated would be penalized with imprisonment for 30 days and a fine of 10,000 pesos. 

Photo Credit: Facebook/CongwRidaRobes

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