Sen. Nancy To Immigration: Deport Illegal Chinese Construction Workers, Cancel Work Permits

Reelectionist Senator Nancy Binay called on the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to cancel the Special Working Permits (SWPs) it issued to Chinese construction workers working in different infrastructure projects in the country.

Binay said that the BI’s issuance of SWPs is illegal and contrary to law, and the agency should start detaining and deporting these workers.

Construction workers and other work connected to manual labor are not included in the issuance of SWPs, according to the lawmaker.

Foreign construction workers, cashiers, waiters, janitors, household workers, carpenters, garbage collectors, security guards, and warehouse caretakers are forbidden in the SWP’s supplemental guidelines.

It was confirmed that the BI gave SWPs to Chinese construction workers.

The senator also wants the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to start inspecting construction sites to find out if Chinese workers there have permits.

Some reports have said that Chinese construction workers working in Chinese-funded infrastructure sites under the “Build, Build, Build” program have no working permits.

There are around 138,000 foreign nationals that have been given SWPs in 2018, and 56, 180 of these are Chinese working in online gaming operations in the country, according to combined data from the BI & DOLE.

Photo Credit: Nancy Binay Official Facebook Page

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