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Car-Free Sundays Along Roxas Blvd. Starting May 26


Car-Free Sundays Along Roxas Blvd. Starting May 26


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A portion of Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard will be closed to motorists every Sunday, starting May 26, to enable the public to freely and safely run, jog, walk, exercise, and bike.

This developed as Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan on Monday signed Ordinance No. 9047, or the Move Manila program, that will make Roxas Boulevard partly car-free and promote healthy lifestyles.

“We will make Roxas Boulevard partly car-free starting May 26, Sunday. I personally inspected Roxas Boulevard to make sure the road will be ready for the people who will exercise,” Lacuna-Pangan said.

On Sunday, Lacuna-Pangan inspected the area for any hazards and instructed concerned city hall departments to ensure the road, sidewalk, bay walk, and connecting roads were cleared of hazards and garbage during the implementation of the car-free day.

Residents of Manila and other parts of the National Capital Region can do their physical activities with their families, including children at the stretch of Roxas Boulevard from Padre Burgos Circle to Quirino Avenue from 5 am to 9 am.

Ordinance No. 9047 seeks to motivate people to exercise, promote the beauty of the Manila Bay area, and support the continuing order of the Supreme Court for a healthy Manila Bay.

It will also. encourage the public to appreciate the historical, cultural, and economic significance of Roxas Boulevard.

“People will experience a different perspective of Roxas Boulevard. They will have more time to appreciate its beauty and significance while walking, jogging, running, and biking, instead of the sights going by like a blur while riding any vehicle,” she added.

Meanwhile, Lacuna-Pangan has instructed concerned city hall departments to notify the buildings, businesses, residents, and offices along Roxas Boulevard so they can participate and make the needed adjustments to their Sunday schedules.

The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) will also issue traffic advisories and guides on the location of water stations, parking areas, and first aid stations.  (PNA)

Photo credit: Facebook/DoktoraHoneyLacuna

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