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Compromise Reached On Cebu Maritime Issue


Compromise Reached On Cebu Maritime Issue


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The city government and the local port authority have reached a compromise that will pave the way for massive waterfront development projects, an official said Monday.

In a press conference, Acting Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia said the compromised agreement that the Cebu City government signed with Cebu Port Authority will be submitted to the court trying the ownership case over Compañía Maritima and its peripheral areas.

The compromise agreement outlines the roles of both entities for the development projects, and managing the development projects.

“We will develop them, first, for tourism purposes, then for economic purposes,” Garcia said.

The acting mayor did not give exact details of the agreement but added that the move would result in continued development at the Compañía Maritima, materializing the plan to turn the Puso Village into a “night market”, targeting locals and tourists.

He also hinted at making parts of the Compañía Maritima structure as “al fresco” cafés and restaurants.

The agreement will be submitted although there is already an injunction order issued by the court that enjoins the parties from introducing improvements at the Compaña Maritima, including the Puso Village, and the mechanical parking.

“What was agreed upon…was that we will not discuss or dispute ownership. It is already in the court. What has been agreed upon is the development of the three properties Compañía, Puso Village, and the mechanical parking area,” he said in Cebuano. (PNA)

Photo credit: Cebu City New & Information website

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