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Zubiri’s Trust Ratings Reflect Public Trust For Senate


Zubiri’s Trust Ratings Reflect Public Trust For Senate


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Senate Majority Leader Joel Villanueva on Wednesday said Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri’s good trust ratings in a recent Pulse Asia poll is a reflection of the people’s trust for the Senate as a whole.

In the Pulse Asia survey from March 6 to 10, Zubiri’s trust ratings increased by 2 percentage points, with 53 percent of respondents expressing their trust in him.

Villanueva attributed this to Zubiri’s “steady and sober” leadership, which not only earned him the trust of the people, but also the trust of the members of the Senate.

“The Pulse Asia survey is very telling, as the results give us an idea of who our people trust among our leaders, who our constituents believe is really credible,” Villanueva said.

“Despite the politically-charged and sometimes acrimonious discussions on Constitutional amendments, Senate President Zubiri has led the way by consistently taking the high road, and we believe the Filipino people appreciate this,” he added.

Villanueva also believed that the Senate’s approach to various issues, including Charter change, is validated by the survey. (PNA)

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