Sunday, September 26, 2021

Roque Reacts To UP Diliman Executive Committee Objection On His Candidacy To The International Law Commission


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Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque expressed dismay with the assessment made towards him by the UP Diliman Executive Committee, after being nominated to the United Nations International Law Commission (ILC). He believes that their statement was made to besmirch his name due to differences in political beliefs. 

“The flimsy justification made to object my nomination and election to the International Law Commission makes it clear that there are some sectors who will do everything to besmirch my good name, reputation, and integrity simply because I do not subscribe to and share their same political beliefs,” Roque exclaimed. 

He shared his contributions as an advocate of human rights, having spent most of his professional life as a member of the civil society and as a public interest lawyer who championed persons and sectors who needed legal assistance. 

“It is unfortunate that some members of the UP academe would conveniently ignore and erase over thirty years of hard work and concrete accomplishments simply because our politics do not align,” Roque said. 

Roque challenged the statement of the UP Committee and promised that despite the statement made against him, he assured his former colleagues that his commitment to human rights and the rule of law has not wavered. 

The President’s mouthpiece has been embroiled in a series of controversies in line with his work. Last June 2021, he was nominated by the Philippine government for a post among 11 candidates from the Asia-Pacific region which has allotted eight seats in the United Nations Body. 

Meanwhile, during the press briefing on Monday, September 13, it was confirmed that Roque is currently in New York City for the ILC bid. 

Photo Credit: Facebook/PresSpokespersonPH

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