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Lawmaker Seeks Probe Into Pentagon’s ‘Secret’ Anti-Covid Vax Drive


Lawmaker Seeks Probe Into Pentagon’s ‘Secret’ Anti-Covid Vax Drive


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House Deputy Minority leader and ACT Teachers party-list Rep. France Castro on Monday called on Congress to investigate the expose’ that the United States’ Pentagon ran a secret anti-vaccination campaign during the Covid-19 pandemic as previously reported by Reuters.

“It is imperative that we ascertain the extent of the damage caused by this secret campaign and hold those responsible accountable. The Philippines was one of the areas targeted by this operation, and therefore, it is our duty to safeguard our nation’s sovereignty and protect our people’s health,” the party-list solon said.

This revelation by Reuters is deeply concerning and requires immediate investigation, she added.

“Through the use of fake social media accounts impersonating Filipinos, the campaign spread anti-vaccine messages, specifically targeting China’s Sinovac vaccine,” she said.

The scope and reach of this campaign, Castro said, are alarming as Reuters identified over 300 fake accounts on X (formerly Twitter) that were created in the summer of 2020.

According to the lawmaker, the impact of this operation on public health cannot be overstated. Public health experts have rightfully criticized this campaign for endangering lives and undermining trust in vaccines, including those manufactured in the United States.

Moreover, the campaign contributed to vaccine hesitancy in the Philippines, a country where vaccine coverage was already limited, leading to unnecessary loss of lives, Castro said.

She said it is deeply concerning that the Pentagon overrode objections from US diplomats in Southeast Asia, who cautioned against such a campaign during a health crisis.

Castro emphasized the importance of transparency, truth, and ethical conduct, especially during a global health crisis. These matters are deeply concerning and demand immediate attention. (PNA)

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