Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Marcos Calls Other States In Resolving Worldwide Issues


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President Bongbong Marcos, during his statement visit in the United Nations (UN) assembly, urged the latter to help each other in eliminating racism and strengthening human rights programs worldwide, according to Presidential News Desk.

In a news release, it said Marcos wanted to have a joint program with the UN to fully strengthened the advocacy against human rights violations, racism, Asian hate, and other discrimination. 

“We still dream of an end to the disturbing incidents of racism, of Asian hate, of all prejudice,” he was quoted as saying in a speech at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

One of the solutions, according to Marcos, is the Philippine-United Nations joint program on human rights that will prioritize the people, not the classic politics. Marcos also added that the said joint program can be adapted by the other neighboring nations. 

“It provides a model for revitalizing the structures that facilitate solidarity between the United Nations and a sovereign duty-bearer,” Marcos added. 

The President also reiterated that this is a challenge to all nations and indicated that the world is ready for a new transformation and it’s up to the leaders to shape and strengthen that transformation. 

“We are, indeed, at a watershed moment; one that requires a re-founding of these, our United Nations. The world is ready for transformation. It is up to us as leaders of our nations to move and shape that transformation,” Marcos emphasized. 

Meanwhile, Marcos also urged the leaders to help each other amid the primary problems worldwide and to press these issues such as the food securities and climate change. 

“I say let the challenges of one people be the challenges for all nations. And in that way, the success of one will be a success for us all,” he said.

Photo Credit: Facebook/BongbongMarcos

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