Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Romualdez Rallies US Investors’ Support For PBBM


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Speaker Martin G. Romualdez has mobilized support from investors in the United States (US) for the vision and programs of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., highlighting how the Philippines is extremely ready for more investments, according to the Press and Public Affairs Bureau of the House of Representatives.

In a press release on Tuesday, it said Romualdez, a member of the President’s official delegation, made the remarks after Marcos gave the keynote address before the New York Stock Exchange economic forum, which was attended by business leaders from the Philippines and the US, on Monday afternoon (US time). For investors, the Chief Executive promised vast potential and a thriving economy.

“Thank you for giving an opportunity to the Marcos administration and for considering the President’s agenda and vision. We are open to broadening and strengthening the economic partnership with the Philippine government. Let us continue to promote mutually beneficial trade and investment relationships,” Romualdez was quoted as saying, promising to fortify the already strong ties between the Philippines and the United States.

He assured investors that Filipino lawmakers have been making every effort to make doing business in the Philippines easier and to create a more favorable business environment that would promote economic growth, in keeping with Marcos’ vision to recover from the public health crisis gripping the globe at the moment.

The House Speaker emphasized, making a strong and persuasive investment case to members of the US business community, “Rest assured that we, in the Philippine House of Representatives, remain committed to enacting laws that would help deepen cooperation with the United States, particularly in the areas of the supply chain, health and security, environment and climate change, energy security, and interconnectivity.”

He said Congress and the President have been collaborating very hard to enact changes and draw in more international investors to the Philippines.

“With your assistance under the leadership of President Marcos, you would help us get back on our feet and bring us closer to realizing our dream of providing a better future to our fellow Filipinos,” he highlighted.

The lawmaker also said Marcos held many meetings with representatives of big business firms to discuss potential investments in the Philippines before attending the event at the New York Stock Exchange.

“We need more trading partners to realize President Marcos’ infrastructure modernization program, which is the best driver of economic growth,” he noted.

By focusing government spending on enhancing the nation’s healthcare systems, ensuring food security, increasing investments in public and digital infrastructure, and assisting communities in coping and prevailing in these trying times, Romualdez said Marcos aims to sustain government efforts toward effectively responding to the crippling effects of the health crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to save lives and safeguard communities from the ongoing threat of the global health crisis, he continued, “We have to make different sectors of the economy stronger and more agile by creating more jobs and catalyzing business activities all over the country. . .”

Photo Credit: House of Representatives Website

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